Dog Fiercely Protecting Hot Cheetos Goes Viral | Wild-ish TV

A protective dog has had the internet in stitches after his owner shared a video of him refusing to give up a bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos. Josie Sundermeier, from Chicago, Illinois, has had 11-year-old golden retriever Ben since he was a puppy - but she was never aware of his love of the popular snack. On January 29, Josie, 21, was in her kitchen, when she heard a crinkling noise in the distance. As she entered the family room, she discovered Ben with his nose buried in a bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos, growling every time his owner tried to approach. Josie found the moment so amusing she started recording – each time witnessing Ben's protective growls getting louder as she came nearer to him. Ben has never been that possessive over any kind of food, she said, and after using a distracting technique, she was eventually able to take the snack from her beloved dog. Josie later shared the footage on social media, where Ben's hilarious actions soon went mega-viral receiving more than 37.5 million views and six million likes.