Marine Holds Daughter For First Time After Deployment

This is the beautiful moment a U.S. Marine returned from deployment to be greeted at the airfield by his firstborn daughter who he’d never met before. Military couple Elizabeth and Steven had been together for a number of years, but it wasn't until they were finally granted orders to live together - and Elizabeth on shore rotation - that they decided to plan for a family. Elizabeth became pregnant during the pandemic, announcing the news to her family in December 2020. But then, when Elizabeth was eight months pregnant, Steven was given the news he would be deployed overseas for six months. In July baby Finlay was born - but it wasn't until November 20, 2021, that she would finally get the chance to meet her daddy. After completing his deployment with the Marines, Steven returned to an airfield at Camp Pendleton, in California. There, he was greeted by Elizabeth and Finlay, who were accompanied by photographer Sarah Heinz, who had been hired by Elizabeth to capture father and daughter's first meeting.