Woman Is Oblivious To Long Lost Sister Standing Next To Her For Surprise Reunion | Happily TV

A woman was left screaming in shock when she casually sat down at a birthday party before taking her time to realize her sister who she had not seen in nine years was seated right next to her. Vivian Sutherland, 65, from Reno, Nevada, had not seen her sister Sharon Leal, 63, from Battle Creek, Michigan, since 2014, when the pair were brought together because their father had passed away. The distance between the siblings was tough, family members said, with Vivian and Sharon chatting on video calls regularly, but not meeting in person. And so, when it came to her daughter-in-law Lyndsie's 47th birthday on July 19, Vivian's family thought it would be the perfect time to plan a reunion with Sharon, who had expressed an interest in visiting her sister. Vivian always visits family members on their birthdays, dropping off a gift and sometimes staying for dinner, so Lyndsie and her family decided to invite Vivian over. Little did she know, her sister was already there – Sharon taking a seat at Lyndsie's kitchen counter, while a cellphone the family had set up recorded her waiting. Then, Vivian entered the room, where she wished Lyndsie a Happy Birthday and continued to liaise with family members without clocking her sister. As time went on, Vivian still didn't notice Sharon sitting down, and even took a seat next to her, continuing her conversation. Then, when she turned to notice her sister sitting just a foot away, the 65-year-old let out a huge scream, completely shocked by her sibling's big surprise.