Groom Surprises Bride Dressed As Beast For First Dance

A doting groom gave his Disney-loving wife a wedding day surprise, when he appeared for their first dance dressed as BEAST from the classic Beauty and the Beast. Shock was plastered on Aralyn Becker’s face as her husband, Jacob, entered the room wearing the outfit of the famous character. Then, right on cue, the wedding singer began the song for their first dance song, and the pair replicated the moves from Beast and Belle, which caused Aralyn to burst into tears. Aralyn, 29, from Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, has always been a fan of Disney - she owned all the movies on VHS growing up and even suggested naming her and Jacob’s daughter Briar Rose (Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty’s real name). Given Aralyn’s love for the franchise, Jacob, 34, knew he wanted to incorporate a Disney-based surprise into the couple’s big day, and so after it had been suggested that their first dance song would be from Beauty and the Beast, the groom-to-be spotted an opportunity to make his move. Jacob, from Buffalo, New York, only told a select few organizers of his plan, and on the day he had roughly 60 seconds to make the change into his bold costume without Aryalyn knowing. Sure enough, though, Jacob pulled off the incredible surprise on August 31, in Kloc’s Grove, West Seneca, New York - and the look on Aryalyn’s face said it all.