Adopted Brothers Reunite With Biological Family After 42 Years

Two brothers have reconnected with their biological family in an emotional reunion after a staggering 42 years apart. Beau – known as Bobby - and Quinton Kendrick were adopted in the 70s when they were just two and three years old. For years they had no idea who or where their biological parents, Bonneau and Loretta Wenum, were. The boys’ parents Bonneau and Loretta Wenum reluctantly put them up for adoption through a Christian adoption agency in South Carolina. Their only condition was the pair were to be adopted together into the same family. Eventually, the Jones family took the boys in, and for the next 42 years they lived not knowing who their parents were and whether they were alive or not. But thanks to a chance DNA test, they have now not only tracked down their parents, but their whole extended family.