Cartridge Review! || Cranberry OG by TIMELESS

<p>Today I&#39;m reviewing the TIMELESS Cranberry OG cart. I ran into a lack of information on any Cranberry OG Strain, but they did have some info on their website regarding what terpenesare used in the cartridge. So even if it&#39;s a made up strain name or their own project strain, being able to at least see what terpenes exist in it is very useful. Great quality product just like the previous two TIMELESS carts, I&#39;m just not much one to enjoy Sativa strains. Not enough body high, for me. Most of the time. And it was definitely the case for this cart. But even saying that, it acted exactly as I expected a Sativa to act. So they clearly know what they&#39;re doing. Go check out TIMELESS products at your local dispensary! They&#39;re available in Arizona, Cali, Oklahoma, and Missouri!</p>