Incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan: We're Going To Expose FBI's Political Bias

Expected incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told FNC's Sean Hannity on Thursday that they have multiple whistleblowers lined up to demonstrate how the FBI's many Trump-related investigations are "political." <blockquote>SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Congressman Jim Jordan spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook today, apparently might have even talked and spoken. But anyway, on Capitol Hill. He joins us now with more. Walk us through what happened today. What'd you think? REP. JIM JORDAN: Well, good conversation, but like you, Sean, like millions of Americans, I still have real concerns about China, communist China and what they're doing with companies not only in America but all over the world. I mean, you're talking about Apple, Nike, TikTok, concerns about what their influence on the NBA. And frankly, Sean, I don't think we should ever forget that in addition to Dr. Fauci lying to us about the virus, so did the Chinese and that's where this thing started. So we have to have concerns about China in all these areas. So I feel it was a productive conversation but I am still very nervous about the impact and influence China has in so many areas of our economy and in our culture. HANNITY: I thought we were going to wean ourselves away from imports from China and have more production domestically. What happened to that? JORDAN: Well, what happened to that is you had 51 intelligence officers sign a letter saying that this Hunter Biden story was Russian misinformation when it wasn't, and that changed -- I think anyone can make a credible argument that that altered the outcome of the election and we no longer have Donald Trump in the White House because he was doing that, he was pushing back on China for the first time. And now, we have Joe Biden there and it's with exactly the opposite direction. So that's what happened. That's why this is all connected because the influence of big media, big tech, and big government in impacting our election -- I think we said this last week, Sean. My colleagues had this in the committee a few weeks ago, Matt Gaetz. He said, when is the FBI going to stay out of elections and let we, the people decide? In 2016, they spied on Trump's campaign, 2018, it was a Mueller investigation, 2020, they suppressed the Hunter Biden story, 2022, 91 days before the midterm election, they raid his home, and now, just two weeks ago, three days after he announces for the 2024 race, they name a special counsel and it's not just anybody, it's Jack Smith and the record that he has of weaponizing the government to go after the people. So, all this is connected and this is why it's so important. We're aggressive and go after to make sure the country gets the facts. HANNITY: So, Elon Musk is going to show us how the forum Twitter suppressed information and how it influenced our elections. Okay. What do you think we're going to find out there and how does that dovetail into your investigation if our FBI has been politicized and DOJ weaponized? JORDAN: Well, we know Twitter did the same thing, that it was -- it was pushing down, throttling back information about the Hunter Biden story. But it probably did a lot more. It probably went after conservatives and things they were saying and made sure that those comments that information didn't get to the country and the citizens of this great country. So we assume that's what he's going to show, but we also know just the overall bias there. He's -- I mean, that -- what was it, a couple days ago, was the stay woke t-shirts and things that he had that, that Twitter had there. So, Elon Musk is doing a service to the First Amendment, doing a service to the Constitution, doing a service to the country and I think frankly the world, and that he is bringing this all to light. HANNITY: Do you believe based on what you know now, that you have enough whistleblowers that will confirm to the American people that the FBI plays favorites, that we have a dual justice system, that it has been politicized? And will there be any consequences for those people that are playing politics with what really should be the world's premier law enforcement agency? JORDAN: I do think it's political. I think the evidence is there. We've had as you know multiple whistleblowers, dozens of whistleblowers come to us and Senator Grassley, they're willing to do that because I think they trust us and they know how bad it is. We're going to get the facts out there. That's all we can do. But that's the first step. You have to expose it if you're going to stop it. We're committed to doing that.