Kid Completes Epic Homemade Ninja Warrior Course

This nine-year-old puts most lockdown workout routines to shame - completing a challenging homemade Ninja Warrior course in his family’s back yard with ease. In the mesmerizing footage, Drew Bennett, from Lehi, Utah, swings and jumps between obstacles like the Shark Ladder, Cliffhanger, and other mainstays on the show. Drew, his brother Tanner, 11, and father Ty, 38, created the obstacle course as a way for the youngsters to train in the sport. The pair had been climbing at a Ninja gym, but as they got older and started hanging from objects throughout the house, Ty thought it was time to build something more professional. The family started work on the course a year ago and continued to add obstacles over time as the course expanded from under the deck in their basement to out over the basketball court. By building the course, Ty hopes his sons will build their confidence in the sport and learn to overcome challenging obstacles.