Woman Surprised With Bell So She Can Ring In Beating Cancer For A Second Time

A 21-year-old celebrated beating cancer for the second time by ringing a bell delivered to her home as she couldn’t make it to the hospital to ring it due to COVID-19 restrictions. During her long battle, Michelle, from Billericay, Essex, U.K., had dreamed of ringing her local hospital's bell to signify the end of treatment. But due to COVID-19 restrictions and Michelle being immunocompromised, in-person meetings had been rescheduled as phone calls, so Michelle would receive her all-clear chat at home. Fortunately, Michelle's girlfriend, Hannah Collinson, 23, had thought ahead by purchasing a bell online that was engraved with the date of her remission, January 12, 2021. Michelle had no idea this surprise was coming, and in her family's living room, having just finished her call with her doctor, Michelle was presented with the package. As soon as she opened the box to see the bell, Michelle couldn't contain her emotions, crying as she picked up the object. Then, as her family shouted, "Ring that bell!", Michelle proudly did just that, tears falling down her face as the weight of the moment took hold.