welcome to "THE BORED VLOGS" // some bloopers & what not lol

<p>High y&#39;all! If you&#39;re new here, i&#39;m Myles Ivary, welcome to CA//OH!</p> <p>this video is just some clips from one of the few series i&#39;m working on coming out over the next few months.Iam typically a private person, so the videos i&#39;ve posted previously haven&#39;t been personal, just me vibing &amp; getting high lol. &quot;THE BORED VLOGS&quot; are filmed as more of a weekly vlogand just share a bit more of my life, i was orignally gonna put this on youtube but with how much they wanna be restricting content on there, weedtube is for sure the place to be. :) Anyways, if you&#39;re still reading this that&#39;s dope, i appreciate you, i&#39;ma post all my links where you can find me below but other than that, i&#39;ll catch y&#39;all next week! thnx</p> <p>ALSO SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY MAKKIAH FOR THE MUSIC, HE&#39;S TALENTED AF!</p> <p><a href="https://linktr.ee/mylesivary">my links!</a></p> <p><a href="https://withkoji.com/@mylesivary">my music :)</a></p> <p>aight, peace</p>