Toddler With One Arm Meets Adult With Same Condition

The heartwarming footage shows 11-month-old Leia approaching Sophia Scholz, 25, in her Berlin home. Having realized that, like her, Sophia has a stump at the end of one of her arms, the happy toddler reached out with her own shortened arm to touch it. The moment took place on February 23 and was captured on video by Leia's mom, Naomi Krisvany Wolf Matheus. Despite her condition, Sophia has played handball in her native Germany for 15 years and also studied sports science after finishing high school. When she found out through an online posting that Naomi was set to give birth to a one-handed child, Sophia reached out to say she wanted to help. The pair had never met before but by meeting Leia Sophia hopes to inspire her to believe that anything is possible. Sophia and Leia have met twice in person to date – their second meeting in February being the first time Leia realized Sophia had the same condition as her.