Uncle Goes Viral Meeting Baby Nephew For First Time

An emotional uncle has gone viral thanks to the tear-filled moment he met his nephew for the very first time after waiting five days for his sister to leave hospital. In the wholesome footage, Sernad Hoxha, 22, is seen walking towards his sister, Liri, 25, who is holding her newborn son, Noah. As soon as Sernad makes eye contact with the youngster, his eyes immediately begin to well up and he puts his hands on his head in disbelief. Sernad had always dreamed of being an uncle, Liri said, and that moment came true on March 25, when he met Noah in a Chelsea and Westminster Hospital parking lot, in London, U.K. Though the moment took place earlier this year, it wasn't until months later, in October, Liri shared the video on social media – soon seeing the post go super viral. Since then, Noah and Sernad have shared an inseparable bond, Liri, who lives in Fulham, said. Her long stay in hospital was a combination of COVID-19 protocols and having to undergo an emergency C-section, which worried family members.