Dad Cries When All Of His Daughters Are In The Same Place For 10 Years

This is the emotional moment a dad was surprised by all his daughters in the same place with him for the first time in over a decade. Carlos Cores, 55, and his family are originally from Puerto Rico, with his four daughters moving to the United States at different times, dotted across the country. In 2010, Carlos' third daughter, Naiomy, 27, moved to the U.S. first, as well as her sister, Ruby, 33, Carlos' eldest. A few years later, Carlos moved to the U.S., traveling with their second daughter, Angie, 29, who has tuberous sclerosis complex, a rare genetic condition causing non-cancerous tumors to grow around the body. As time went on, life and circumstances meant 10 years had gone by since Carlos and his daughters had all be together at the same time, with Angie and Carlos' youngest, Paola, 25, based in Massachusetts, Naiomy in Colorado, and Ruby in Florida. This year, however, Angie decided to change that, working with her sisters and Carlos' wife, Erika, to plan a big reunion surprise. Angie convinced her father that, one day, he would travel to Naiomy to surprise her and her daughter, but, really, Naiomy and Ruby were working on a surprise of their own. First, on July 11, at an Olive Garden in Framingham, Massachusetts, Ruby arrived to give her dad and emotional hug.