Andrea Mitchell: Trump Taking "Advantage" Of Media, "We Are Not Held In Great Regard"

Andrea Mitchell lamented on her Tuesday show that Donald Trump is "trying to take advantage" of the media not being held in great regard after the election. Mitchell was saddened that Trump doesn't feel like he needs the conventional media and "that the public doesn't care." Nicholas Confessore of <i>The New York Times</i> said that it's Trump's "right" to decide how he wants use the media to get his message out. From Tuesday's broadcast of MSNBC's <i>Andrea Mitchell Reports</i>: <blockquote>ANDREA MITCHELL: I want to talk about the media for a moment. We are not held in great regard. We weren't before this campaign. And in having gotten it all wrong, just all the conventional media, the polling and all that, I mean, I think that there is a real sense of Donald Trump trying to take advantage of that. And what we saw this morning there was a tweet, well a number of tweets about <i>The New York Times</i>, <a href="">saying</a>: "I cancelled today's meeting with the failing @nytimes when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. Not nice." That's something denied by the <i>Times</i>. I don't want to put you on the spot. But there was a previous meeting yesterday with television executives and television anchors. He then leaked to the <i>New York Post</i>, hardly a friend to the major networks -- that the Rupert Murdoch-run <i>New York Post</i> indicated that it was contentious. That he argued and basically shamed the media and challenged them and said that he wasn't going to put up with them. It was almost an ambush situation. I'm not sure that's what will be taking place very shortly in your publisher's offices as well. But Is there a sense now that Donald Trump feels he doesn't need the conventional media, the White House press pool, and that the public certainly doesn't care. NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, NEW YORK TIMES: We have been headed in a certain direction now for a while that presidents can go over and around the traditional media. Barack Obama would often do videos to the public and was also on Twitter in a different way I should say. But, look, I think that the job of reporters is to report. I think that Donald Trump used the media as a foil throughout his whole campaign. He will keep doing so as president. That's his right. Our job as reporters is to report and hold people in power accountable, pure and simple.</blockquote>