Autoflower Power, Mephisto Inside the Grow Tent, Nutrients,Water,and More, under Mars Hydro FC-E3000

In this video I check in on the Autoflower grow tent. Right now there is all plants from Mephisto Genetics. The Double Grape has about a week left. I will show you a watering with the Fox Farms Trio and some close ups of the trichomes. I also germinate the Mephisto Freebie and add it to the grow tent. Then on day 26 I start giving the Toofless Alien nutrients. Everything in the grow tent is thriving under the Mars Hydro FC-E3000 led grow light. Link below. Thanks for watching and subscribing. I am going to do a giveaway soon. Maybe some seeds or a Mars Hydro ts1000 that was only used for a 2 months( still has plenty more use). Let me know what you guys think, anyone who is using a blurple or knows someone using a blurple might be interested. Mars Hydro FC-E3000 link -