Dad Provides Hilarious Commentary While Recording Daughter's Surprise Engagement

A man who asked his father-in-law-to-be to record his surprise proposal to his daughter later discovered that her dad had also provided a hilarious commentary of the entire moment. In the sweet clip, Harold Lemos, 53, is heard describing key moments, which took place after his daughter Nicole, 27, and fiancé Christopher, 27, had climbed up a hill in Hunter Mountain, New York. The video starts with Harold following Nicole and Christopher up the slope, saying, "This is worth it. This is for my son-in-law, coming into the family." But then, once the big moment started to play out, Harold's musings became increasingly funnier. He first said, "After they get a room, no video, okay," when Christopher was preparing to ask Nicole the big question. Then, when the sound dipped, he confirmed to viewers, "She's crying, but she said yes," before walking up to his son-in-law, who was down on one knee and waiting to put the ring on Nicole's finger. He said to the couple, "One more kiss. One more kiss," before adding, "but hide the tongue, please."