Casting Metal On The American Garage

Steve learns to cast metal on The American Garage in order to make special castings of custom items. If you have ever gone looking for something very specific, and not been able to find it? So have we, and the solution is to make it yourself. With metal casting, you can create any number of custom items to your own specifications. Casting metal does have its hazards, as one can expect when handling hot liquid metal. Be sure to put safety first! However, this can be a rewarding and fun project that will set you apart from the crowd. As Steve dives into the different crafts and trades, metal casting was unexpectedly more achievable than first anticipated. Here's a few words from Steve- I really expected that this project would be out of reach, and that it would be too difficult to produce satisfactory results. So, I started researching- I found The King of Random's channel, and it seems he is fascinated with melting things, and he had a great video on how the make a foundry very inexpensively. So I followed his instructions and built my own. I was surprised how easily this can be done. I did want to be successful the first time, so I researched how to cast, and the different methods for making a mold. I found a casting professional, and watched him cast items on his channel for hours. It was fun to watch, and to see the results of his work. So, I used some of the techniques that he did, and picked up quite a few pointers from watching him. Below are links to the videos I had seen. Check it out, and let me know how your first casting goes. Olfoundryman has a ton of videos to watch an expert in action. This is the first one I watched-