Cat Comforts Dog Friend Who Is Afraid Of Thunderstorms | Happily TV

A caring cat flipped stereotypes on their head by comforting a scared dog during a thunderstorm. 11-year-old April, a chow-golden retriever mix, has never enjoyed the sound of storms as they rumble in the skies above her Houston, Texas, home. April can often be found curled up and scared, owner Luis said – but fortunately for the pooch, Luis' cat, Nala, a six-year-old tabby, is often there to offer a comforting paw. On March 15, as a thunderstorm raged outside, Luis came across April curled up in a ball, with Nala sitting close by, licking the canine's head to sooth her. According to Luis, Nala had comforted April this way through many thunderstorms, but this was the first time he could capture such a loving interaction on video.