Son Reunites With Dad After He Beats Cancer

A 10-year-old boy who thought he was heading out for a snack run was given a wholesome surprise when he was reunited with his dad who had been battling cancer the past two months. Jalen had not seen his father, Carlton, since he had been admitted to hospital, and the surprise immediately caused the youngster to cry happy tears as he headed in for a loving embrace. So as not to worry his son, Carlton had said he had a toothache, which, he added, had caused him to be admitted to hospital prior to Thanksgiving and had kept him there ever since. In truth, Carlton had initially been checked over for a pain in his mouth, but was then diagnosed with cancer, his stepdaughter, Leilani Wheeler, 21, said. Carlton did not want to worry Jalen, but as weeks and then months went by, he remained in the hospital through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then into the new year – during which time Jalen was not able to see him. But in January Carlton was given the news that he was cancer-free. After receiving a negative COVID test, he then planned a surprise reunion with Jalen, with the help of Leilani.