Dad Fails To Notice Daughter Dressed As Delivery Driver During Surprise Reunion | Happily TV

A dad was so excited to accept his takeout order on his 65th birthday that he did not notice the delivery person was his daughter, who had traveled across the U.S. to surprise him – even heading inside to find a tip for her. Robert Lurie, 65, had no reason to expect his daughter, Samantha, 38, would be able to make the big day, as Robert had decided to spend it away from his own home in Lansing, Michigan, and travel to his sister's house in Madison, Wisconsin. Micah and Samantha devised a plan to surprise him when Susie headed out to collect Robert and his wife from the airport. They decided a "fake DoorDash" delivery would work best, so Samantha grabbed a red Wisconsin hat as a disguise and snuck out the back door when her father arrived at the house. Opening the door, Robert accepted the delivery of sub sandwiches, not recognizing the person who had handed him the treat, despite his daughter letting out a drawn-out “Hiiiiiiiiii.” As Robert searched for a tip, he could only find large bills – to which Micah's husband jokingly said, "Yeah, give her $100!" Robert looked confused by this request, and having headed back to give his daughter some money, things clicked when Samantha tilted her head upwards so her father could see more of her face.