Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2: Episode 7

Nothing makes for family fun like some good old fashioned competition! In episode 7, we’ve reached the end of the range day and Kyle introduces the dueling tree. How it works: The dueling tree consists of a post with 6 arms (targets), 3 on each side. Using one 15 round magazine each & like firearms, the object is to shoot the targets from your side to your opponent’s. When all arms have moved to one side, the competitor with no arms on their side wins. It is a game of speed & accuracy. Kyle’s pro tip: start slow & accurate, then pick up the speed. First, the parents hit the dueling tree with Ruger Security 9 pistols. The kids will then compete at the dueling tree with the Ruger PC Carbines. Winners go head to head in the final round. Who will make it to the final? And which family member will take it all? About the Series: Host Kyle Harth, Firearms Instructor, US Army Special Forces, provides firearms training to a family of new shooters. These individuals will receive specialized training to develop their shooting skills with Ruger firearms, while having fun, safely, together as a family. Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2 is presented by DeSantis GunHide. #ransaS2 #ransaS2E7