Long-Distance Girlfriend Surprises Boyfriend On Video Call When He Opens Portrait Of His Son And Late Father | Happily TV

A man welled up when his long-distance girlfriend surprised him on a video call with a portrait of his son and late father. 41-year-old Jermey, who lives in Southern Minnesota, did not know what to expect when his girlfriend Ashley – based in Western Kentucky – decided to call him. With Ashley recording the call, she then asked Jeremy to open a gift she had mailed to him so she could see his reaction. Jeremy's son, Corbin, now 16, was born one year after Jeremy’s father passed away, so the two never got to meet. On numerous occasions, Ashley said, Jeremy had mentioned to her that he really wished that could have happened. Certain occasions – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries – were more complex, Ashley added, and so she wanted to get Jeremy a sweet gift for Father's Day. She messaged Jeremy's sister to ask for a photo of his father and then asked a company to paint a portrait with the three family members. The portrait arrived at Jeremy's home a few hours before Ashley returned home from work, so Ashley asked if he could wait before opening it so she could see his reaction.