Kids Hold Up Sign To Ask Stepdad To Adopt Them

A stepdad covered his face in shock and cried tears of joy when his two stepkids revealed a cardboard sign to ask if he would adopt them. Tyler McRoy, 28, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been in the lives of his stepkids – Jasmin, 7, and Jake, 5 – since they were just one and three years old. The pair instantly fell in love with Tyler, their mom, Mint McRoy, 25, said, with Tyler going on to teach Jake how to fish and Jasmine how to ride a bike. The kids' biological father had not acted like a father figure, Mint said, and, one day, Jasmine asked if she could have the same last name as her mom and Tyler, who she called "Daddy." They decided to make a series of signs – first to wish Tyler a Happy Father's Day, and then to be flipped to ask the big question. As Tyler sat down in his home on June 18, the kids held up the cardboard Father's Day sign before revealing one that read, "We don't have the same DNA, but can we have the same last name?" Things then started to click for Tyler before Jasmine and Jake held up their final sign – "Will you adopt us!" – which brought their stepfather to tears.