A Intro To My Channel

<p>Follow me on Mixer -<a href="https://mixer.com/TheRealDevi2100">https://mixer.com/TheRealDevi2100</a></p> <p>Follow me on Twitter -<a href="https://twitter.com/TheRealDevi2100">https://twitter.com/TheRealDevi2100</a></p> <p>This is just an intro and welcome video to my channel. I thank you all for stopping by. Here you will find more videos more or less along the line of what is in this video. I tried to cover everything in the video about what we will go over in future videos and what to expect from me as well. If you all enjoyed the video be sure to drop me a like and sub to the channel also be sure to head over to my Mixer page and chill with me when I&#39;m live.</p>