Baby Goes Viral Vibing To Music In Car Seat

A rhythmic baby has gone ultra-viral after his grandma shared a video of him vibing to music in the back seat of their family's car. The social media post of young Wesley's appreciation for music has received almost 35 MILLION views to date, along with more than five million likes. Grandma Mandy Lynn Perkins, 44, from Maine, shared the video with the caption, "When the beat hits you just right." In the adorable footage, Wesley can be seen closing his eyes, smiling and nodding his head back and forth to the beat of the music, his finger tapping on his knee to the beat. The moment occurred on May 31 but Mandy didn't upload it until a few months later. Wesley, aged two, is the son of one of Mandy's children, Austin, 26, and according to the family dances in the car quite regularly.