Dog Who Carried Toy Dog Around For Companionship Finally Gets His Own Puppy

A golden retriever who carried a stuffed dog everywhere he goes given to him because he missed his siblings wagged his tail with joy when his family surprised him with an identical real puppy. Since Molson was adopted by the Devery family, in Maui, Hawaii, two-and-a-half years ago, he’s always had a stuffed toy named Kelsie by his side, which the family got him so he wouldn't miss his siblings. Kelsie soon became Molson's favorite toy, which he took everywhere – even ripping the stuffing out multiple times, meaning the family had to get the toy sewn back together. But with Molson now grown up – and with family members back in the office and at school – Harry Devery and his daughter, Jasmine, 16, decided Molson needed a real-life companion. On April 23, they headed out to adopt a new golden retriever puppy, Posie, who Harry put in a wash basket outside their front door and covered with a blanket. Then, with Jasmine's camera rolling, the 16-year-old called Molson outside, with the pooch bringing his toy, Kelsie, along too. As soon as Molson laid eyes on Posie, he immediately dropped his toy and started wagging his tail with excitement.