Making a Pumpkin Bong|Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hey what&#39;s good what is up my beautiful buds!? Welcome back to my channel again beech! Two uploads back to back who am I? In Today&#39;s video my Boyfriend &amp; I decided it was time for some spooky content here on theweedtube so you know we had to make a pumpkin bong. Let me tell you beech I was so mf proud of us, I thought it was going to be a totally fail. If you enjoy this video and think you would try out this pumpkin bong you should deff give this video a thumbs up! Don&#39;t forget to subscribe because this is just the start of Spook Season here on my channel! Wait til october!</p> <p>WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND ME?!?!</p> <p>INSTA@_bakedbeauty420_</p>