Determined Boy With One Arm Teaches Himself How To Crochet | Happily TV

A 10-year-old boy who was born with a limb difference is looking to inspire others by learning to crochet with just one hand. Miles Platt, from College Station, Texas, was born with Symbrachydactyly, a limb difference condition that can lead to a variety of limb abnormalities. As a result of this condition, Miles was born with only one fully-formed hand – but this has not stopped him from living "Miles's way," his parents said. Mile has won Ninja Warrior competitions, surf competitions and loves rock climbing and cooking. His mom, Angela, uses social media to inspire others with Miles's story, and recently he spotted a crochet kit in a bookstore. Angela said that she and her husband never held Miles back, and so she purchased the kit, letting him figure out how to crochet his own way. After watching some instructional videos, Miles got to work on making a crochet fox, with Angela taking photos and videos every step of the way. When the cute creature was completed, Angela shared the clips on social media. Miles hopes his journey will inspire others to try something new, no matter what obstacles they have to overcome.