Boy Surprised By School Band For Award Presentation

When this boy’s school band realized that COVID-19 restrictions meant they could not present him with his significant end-of-year award, they decided to bring the celebration to him. A shocked Devin Pyla, 18, couldn’t believe his eyes as he came to the front door of his home in Aurora, Illinois, to discover his school band’s directors performing their beloved fight song. Beaming with pride, Devin sung along and pumped his fist to the Waubonsie Valley High School anthem before one of his band's directors approached him. That was when, on May 7, it was revealed that he had won the John Philip Sousa Award, which recognizes the top band senior at the school and their contribution to the program. Devin said the award meant so much to him, as each year the winner gets their name on a plaque in the band room. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, Devin’s school had to cancel all of its senior celebrations – such as graduation and award presentation. This has been tough on Devin and his classmates, as they saw the period as the last time to make memories before heading off to college, he said. The teenager shared his video on social media, as he hopes to pass on the joy of the moment and show that good things can still exist despite lockdown restrictions.