Woman Reunites With Childhood Best Friend After 15 Year Search

A daughter shared the moment her mom finally reunited with her childhood best friend, after spending roughly 30 years apart and only having a magazine cutting of her as a reference to track her down. Karen and Lena lost contact in the early 90s, having gone to college together in the U.K., which usually includes those aged 16-18. Lena left college but Karen stayed on, and as they moved to separate areas of Manchester - and at a time before widespread internet and cellphone use - the pair lost touch. Years later, though, Karen read an article about Lena in a women's magazine: she had been in a coma for six months, the article said, and because she was pregnant at the time, her baby needed to be delivered while she was in the coma. Karen, who lives in Greater Manchester, kept the cutting, and for years she and daughter Kierah tried find Lena, but to no avail. In total, Keirah estimates she spent around 15 years looking for Lena, eventually having a breakthrough when she discovered her sister and found out that Lena now had a different surname. Kierah helped instigate the meeting between the pair, which took place on May 18, 2022. She shot footage of her journey with her mom, as well as an emotional hug between the two – the first in around three decades.