Toddler Beams With Joy As He Reunites With Grandparents Through Glass

A toddler could not hide his delight after finally being reunited with his grandparents more than a month after COVID-19 restrictions forced their separation. Nineteen-month-old Avery James stamped his feet and smiled with joy as he caught a glimpse of his beloved grandparents David and Arlene Hutchinson through the glass of their home. The visit was the idea of Avery's mother, Ashley Hutchinson-Jones, 26, as Arlene had lost her brother to COVID-19 and a visit from their grandchild would help raise her spirits. Avery is the first grandkid of Arlene, 65, and David, 70, and so they are extremely close. Before quarantine restrictions were put in place in Irvington, New Jersey, Avery would spend every weekend at his grandparents house. But as the weeks went by, being apart from his grandparents would often bring Avery to tears, Ashley said. During that time, Arlene also lost her brother, Derrick, to the virus, and so on April 18, Ashley brought the youngster to her mother's home.