Celebrating 420 Subscribers With A Stoner Tag Q&A!

<p>Hiiiigh Everyone! &lt;3</p> <p>Welcome back to my channel&hellip; thanks for being here! Today I am celebrating a stoner victory! I somehow managed to trick a grand total of 420 poor souls into following me here on TheWeedTube. So in true stoner fashion, what does one do to celebrate an occasion as such? I decided to go with a sit down Stoner Tag Q&amp;A (original creator @spookbunn) vibe!This video is surprisingly more entertaining than you&rsquo;d think.</p> <p>I&rsquo;d love to know what you&rsquo;d like to see from me next! Comment down below and remember to take care of yourselves in 2020 (:</p> <p></p> <p>Follow Me:</p> <p>@provisional_stoner and provisional_air everywhere (:</p> <p></p> <p>Stoner Tag Questions:</p> <p>This tag was originally created by @spookbunn! I challenge you ALL to answer these questions and sesh along with your TWTfam!</p> <p>1. Describe the first time you smoked weed.</p> <p>2. Favourite way to consume cannabis?</p> <p>3. Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid?</p> <p>4. Plans for 420?</p> <p>5. Favourite place to sesh?</p> <p>6. Do you prefer to sesh with friends or alone?</p> <p>7. How long have you been using cannabis?</p> <p>8. Do your family &amp; friends know you use cannabis?</p> <p>9. What is your go-to munchie?</p> <p>10. Who is your favourite cannabis influencer?</p> <p>11. Have you ever been in trouble for cannabis use?</p> <p>12. Go-to artist/song/playlist when high?</p> <p>13. Joints vs. Pieces vs. Vapes?</p> <p>14. Flower vs. Concentrates?</p> <p>15. Do you prefer to consume in the morning or at night?</p> <p>16. What is the highest you have ever been?</p> <p>17. Recreational or medical use?</p> <p>18. Do you like/use edibles?</p> <p>19. Have you ever grown your own cannabis plant?</p> <p>20. What is the most you have ever spent on cannabis at once?</p>