Bride Asks Groom To Adopt Stepson While At The Altar | Happily TV

A groom couldn’t hold back tears of joy at the altar when his wife read aloud how much he meant to her son before presenting him with adoption papers. Leslie Foss, 28, met her husband, Matthew, 34, back in the summer of 2019 at a country music concert, having recently left the U.S. Navy and moved home to Ohio from San Diego, California. A single mom to a one-year-old, Leslie was a full-time student and working part time, so she didn't have time to throw herself into the dating world. But having immediately felt something click with Matthew, the pair started spending time together, with Leslie later noticing the bond Matthew and her son, Jayson, were building over time. It wasn't long, Leslie said, before her son was calling Matthew "Dada," and the 34-year-old was the one Jayson was calling to tuck him in at night. After the couple's engagement in May 2022, Jayson discovered his mom chose to change her name to Foss and explained how he would like to be a Foss, too.