Grandma Who Wanted Some "Eye Candy" For 92nd Birthday Gets Surprised By Fire Department After False Alarm

A grandma who had joked that she would have liked some "eye candy" for her 92nd birthday got quite a surprise when a group of local firemen showed up at her house. Just days before Berna Dean Pierce's big day, the 92-year-old had accidentally triggered her life alert, causing the local Wichita Fire Department to come rushing to her door, only to discover Berna Dean was completely fine. That incident, on July 20, led Berna Dean to profess to family members how big and strong the firefighters had looked, joking that she hadn't gotten a chance to look at the firefighters' faces because she was so focused on their muscles. And so, for her birthday party two days later, Berna Dean’s family decided to try and include their local fire department in the big surprise.