Pregnant Woman Dances With Husband While In Delivery Room

A heavily pregnant mom and her husband performed a dance in the delivery room in a show of defiance during the COVID pandemic. Shasta and Danny Napolitano wanted to have fun and make others smile with their goofiness during this stressful time. The pair shared the video clip, which shows them twerking and dancing together while Shasta is in her scrubs ready to be induced, with the family and friends. Shasta, a police officer in Portsmouth, Virginia, and her Navy husband Danny captured the moment hours before their fourth child, Axl, was born at 8,05pm. Initially Shasta had gone for a regular appointment on her own but was informed that she would need to be induced there and then. With husband Danny an hour away, he rushed to the hospital to be by his wife’s side. Previously, during the birth of their last child, the pair had performed a dance routine while they waited in the delivery room. So, with shelter-at-home orders having been declared for Virginia only a couple of weeks prior, they decided to film themselves performing a dance routine again in order to ‘spread some happiness with our family and friends at a crazy time like this’.