Biracial Newlyweds Join BLM Protesters To Huge Cheers In LA

A newlywed interracial couple were cheered by hundreds of Black Lives Matter protestors as they walked to the middle of a busy Los Angeles intersection to salute crowds. The couple - with the wife still in her wedding dress - were crossing the street when protestors began heading their way. With the protestors initially cheering, "Black Lives Matter" and "No justice, no peace," they immediately burst into applause when they saw the couple. The bride and groom offered a salute, raising their fists in the air, showing support for the cause, before protestors surrounded the pair embracing them in celebration of their big day. The moment was captured by bystander Navin Watumull, 39, who was with his wife, Esha, 33, at the intersection on Monday June 1. Navin said there were roughly 500 peaceful protestors heading down the street, and when they saw the couple, erupted with positive energy and applause. The 39-year-old passerby has most of his social media platforms on private, but after showing his friends the footage, he was encouraged to share it. Navin said he and those around him did not know the couple but offered his congratulations and hopes they get to see his footage.