Dad With Parkinson's Surprises Kids With Movement After DBS Device Switched On

A man with Parkinson’s disease surprised his kids with dance moves after he regained movement thanks to a deep brain stimulation device. Mike Roll, from Jefferson County, West Virginia, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014. He had been dealing with symptoms for 10 years prior to diagnosis, but once he discovered it was Parkinson’s he became anxious about how it would affect the rest of his life and his family. Mike’s wife of 35 years, Paula, tried everything to support him but during the first two years, the disease affected him so badly he felt life was slipping away. But earlier this year, Mike received an appointment with his neurologist to talk through the possibility of having a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure. DBS does not cure Parkinson’s but can provide symptomatic relief - helping the sufferer walk and move more easily. After confirming that he was a suitable candidate, Mike underwent two operations implanting the DBS and on August 23rd, it was due to be activated. Mike went into the appointment barely able to control his body, shaking vigorously as he moved, but after activation was left walking with ease. So amazing was his transformation, he and his wife rushed home where two of their daughters, Andrea and Hunter, were waiting to see the transformation and couldn't believe their eyes.