Fixing the Air Suspension on Audi A8- The American Garage

Steve repairs the air ride suspension on a 2005 Audi A8. This video addresses three elements- replacement of the air-spring (strut), rebuilding the pump, and replacing the relay. In case you haven't caught on yet, this is another 'minute' episode. When you hear me say 'let's take a minute' it doesn't refer to length of the video, but that it was an unplanned video- out of the regularly scheduled programming. This one is rather long, but I chose to keep it long so that those dealing with these repairs will have more comprehensive information. The first section is about removing and replacing the air-springs. If you would like to skip to the section about rebuilding the pump, skip to 16:55 where we rebuild the air compressor. If you need to replace the relay, skip to 36:56. Hopefully, this video will give you insight into how to diagnose and repair your air ride suspension. Do be very careful when working on your car, follow the safety warnings, and use jack stands for security. When the car is sitting on the floor, you may have difficulty getting a jack underneath it. There are newer style jacks that can get low. Safety First! Here are some other resources for you-