Choked-Up Dad Tells Daughter She Looks Like Big Paper Towel In Wedding Dress

An emotional dad blurted out his daughter looked like a big paper towel during a first-look reveal on her wedding day sending them both into hysterics. Dad Chuck Chamness shares a special bond with daughter Sally as she is his only daughter from four children, so he was already emotional ahead of her wedding in Telluride, Colorado. Sally, 29, was the first of her siblings to get married, and the family wanted to capture the dress reveal moment on the big day, October 15, 2022, on a porch above the house where the family were staying. As soon as Chuck, 60, set eyes on his daughter, the choked-up dad blurted out the off-the-cuff comment that she looked like a "big paper towel." The response, partly in shock at seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time, was in relation to the texture of Sally's dress, which the bride pointed out she agreed with through her laughter. Chuck then pulled the moment back after composing himself, confirming his daughter looked beautiful, while Sally couldn’t stop laughing. *MANDATORY VIDEO CREDIT: Summer Dawn Films / T&T Creative Media*