Woman Surprises Former Babysitters With Game Console

A caring woman brought her former babysitters to tears, after she surprised them with the latest edition of a video game they used to play when she was a child – so that they could play online during self-isolation. When she was growing up, Jennifer Moghadassi, 38, was often cared for by Vanessa Mihara, 57, whose sister, Debbie Henson, 64, was Jennifer’s mother’s best friend. The pair taught Jennifer and her brother, Tim, a lot about Japanese culture, and throughout the 90s and early 00s group played on a variety of games consoles – from the Sega Mastersystem right through to the Gamecube. One particular game the kids loved was Animal Crossing and knowing of the ongoing self-isolation rules in their native North Hollywood, California, she asked her mother if she thought Vanessa and Debbie had the latest version of the game. Jennifer’s mother Kathy St. Germain, 64, said it was unlikely, as over the past few months, the pair had been through some difficulties: Debbie lost her husband, Don, last year; the sister's father, Jim, had also died; and money was extremely tight. And so Jennifer and Kathy hatched a plan to surprise the sisters with the latest version of the game, which the two families have played every edition of since its release. On March 21, 2020, outside Debbie’s apartment, Jennifer placed the package containing a Nintendo Switch and waited for the sister to come out. Jennifer said she deliberately wrapped the console in butchers' paper and attached a red ballon to make the package look block-like, as if it could be from the game. As soon as Vanessa, in the black t-shirt, opened the package, she immediately realized what it was and began to cry.