Couple Share Family's Wholesome Reactions to Twin Pregnancy Announcement

A couple have shared a wholesome compilation of videos, where their family members not only found out they were expecting their first baby – but that they were having twins. In the sweet clip, some members of Tara and Jake Majansky's family can be seen receiving what they think are everyday wine bottles as a gift, only to then realize they are accompanied with the big announcement. During other shots, family members can be seen opening onesies and letting out screams of shock. Tara, 32, and Jake, 30, from New Jersey, started trying for a baby in August, and after seeing a positive result on their at-home test, an ultrasound showed they were, in fact, due to have twins. Jake almost passed out with shock, the couple said, and once the news had set in, they began working on ways to tell their family. In total, the couple surprised Tara's mom and aunt, and Jake's mom, dad, dad's girlfriend, sister, grandma and aunt. The twins' due date is May 8, but since twins often arrive early, Tara is expecting them in mid-April.