Couple Surprise Family With Small Intimate Wedding At Their Home | Happily TV

An engaged couple gave their friends and family a beautiful surprise at their housewarming party, standing on the roof and informing them that they were getting married right then. Elizabeth Haiser and Holden Blanco, from Philadelphia, got engaged in August 2022 – and initially, they toyed with the idea of getting married in Colombia, where Holden's family is based. But after buying a house together, the couple decided to postpone their wedding but still wanted to get legally married. As a wedding photographer, Elizabeth, 27, has always loved the idea of doing something different, given that she's at a wedding every weekend. And so, having crossed off ideas like getting married in their city hall, the couple decided to turn their housewarming party into a surprise wedding for all those they love. On July 29, as friends and family gathered at their new home, Elizabeth and Holden, 29, stood on the roof of their new property and announced the big surprise to the gathering crowd. After a series of stunned reactions, everyone moved inside for a small, intimate ceremony, which Elizabeth admitted had no serious planning or logistics and left to a friend. The 27-year-old stitched together photos and videos of the day, which she then shared on TikTok to a loving response, given how spontaneous and unique the day was.