Plane shakes violently as broken engine blade prompts emergency landing

A plane full of terrified passengers had to make an emergency landing after one of the engine's turbine blades broke, causing it to shake so violently that passengers thought they were going to die. The incident unfolded during a China Eastern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong on December 3. Phone footage filmed by frightened passengers shows the seats inside the Airbus A330 aircraft shaking as if they were experiencing severe turbulence. Some passengers who appeared to be having a meal could barely hold onto their food as the plane violently vibrated. Shocked flier Ms Yuan Yuan, who was in business class, said that the flight took off on time that day, and the business-class cabin she was in was almost full. During the flight, the flight attendants began to distribute breakfast. She told local media: 'I hadn't finished my breakfast. At around 10 o'clock, I heard a loud noise on the left side. 'Then the fuselage began to shake violently, as if a tractor was starting, accompanied by a strong burning smell. 'Our coffees and teas were shaking and overflowing.' The witness recalled that she was sitting in the middle of the cabin on the right side and heard a passenger on the left side by the window shout: 'The engine is broken.' After that, the flight crew announced that the aircraft had a malfunction, followed by another announcement stating that the plane would make an emergency landing in Xiamen. Ms Yuan Yuan added: 'At that time, everyone had fastened their seat belts, and it felt like our breath was held. 'The intense shaking lasted for about 10 minutes, from the moment of the malfunction to the plane landing, approximately lasting for 20 minutes. 'The last 10 minutes of shaking were not as pronounced.' Yuan recalled that all the passengers applauded and praised the pilot when the plane landed. The airline later said in a statement: 'Today, during the flight from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Hong Kong, a malfunction message appeared. 'To ensure flight safety, the crew followed procedures, performed an emergency landing in Xiamen for further inspection, and the flight safely landed at 09:59. 'The company is actively ensuring passenger service and will arrange for passengers to continue their journey as soon as possible. 'We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to the passengers on this flight.' The airline reportedly organised for the passengers to board another flight taking them to their original destination at around 3:30 pm that same day. The cause for the sudden failure is under investigation.