Couple Announce Pregnancy On Chicken Egg To Surprise Mom | Happily TV

A woman who shares a sweet bond with her daughter-in-law over chickens they care for was given a huge surprise when she found out she was going to becoming a grandma on one of her birds’ eggs. When Betty Jo Wheat, from Chanute, Kansas, read the message on one of the eggs – “Baby chick hatching in 9 months!” – she didn't initially get the gist. But after a few seconds – and some prompting by her son, Dalton, and daughter-in-law Emma – everything suddenly clicked, and a shocked Betty Jo let out a huge scream of excitement. She and Emma have always bonded over chickens, after Emma, 24, fell in love with them when she married Dalton and started spending time on his family's farm. Having hatched numerous chicks with Betty Jo, 73, Emma decided it made complete sense that she would announce her pregnancy using a chicken egg. On October 18, Emma texted her mother-in-law, "Betty Jo…there is something weird in your chick tank!!”, which prompted Betty Jo head in to check things out.