Grandma Surprised With Her Father's Grave That She Spent 20 Years Searching For | Happily TV

A beloved grandma who had spent 20 years searching for the grave of her late father screamed in shock when her granddaughter informed her that she had found the site and that they were on their way to visit him. Usillia Wright, from Tampa, Florida, is extremely close to her grandmother, Zina, who has been her primary caregiver since Zina was the one to raise Usillia. This close relationship meant Usillia had heard about her grandmother's troubles locating her father's grave. Zina is legally deaf, Usillia said, and so gets discouraged when calling people or trying to speak to them face-to-face. This meant that she had struggled to find her father's grave during the two decades she had been searching, as her condition made asking people for information difficult. Each year, Zina does something to remember her late parents on their birthdays, but after paying a visit to her mom's grave, Zina is sad about not being able to do the same thing for her father, Willie Knight Sr. A conversation about this sadness prompted Usillia to repeatedly call every cemetery in Belle Glade and the surrounding cities for two weeks. Eventually, a staff member returned to Usillia and informed her that she had located the grave she was looking for. Usillia planned to visit the grave first to clean it up and decorate it, but one morning, having dropped her daughter off at school, Usillia started talking to her grandma, who was traveling in the car with her. Zina mentioned how much she missed her father, so the moment felt right, Usillia said, to tell her there and then. When Usillia said, "I found him," Zina's face immediately lit up.