Alex Berenson: "People Are Done Being Scared," "People Are Just Going To Stop Listening"

Alex Berenson, the author of Pandemia, predicted people will start ignoring government messages on COVID because they have been wrong about everything Tuesday on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program. "People don't want to get their kids vaccinated and the powers that be are very well aware that vaccines are failing and they want to blame this thing and it's not going to work, people are done being scared and frankly, I'm so busy reading scientific papers that people send me and trying to figure out what's really going on with vaccine failure, but I had no idea the hysteria was like this on CNN and other channels, it's insane," Berenson said. "I really got to look at the lies and the misstatements and the mistakes and how they were wrong about school closures, wrong about lockdowns, wrong about test and trace, they appear to be have been very wrong about vaccines, they've been wrong about everything. They are never held accountable and at some point, people are just going to stop listening. I think it's happening more quickly in the United States because we have a stronger constitution... but I have to believe it's going to happen in Europe too," he said.