Sister Uses Game To Announce Pregnancy To Sibling | Happily TV

A woman sobbed ugly tears when her sister used an ingenious game to announce her pregnancy and reveal she was set to become an auntie. Beth Sharp, 25, is extremely close to her sister, Bronwyn, 18, and so when she found out she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to surprise her in a special way. Having looked around online for idea, Beth settled on a unique take of a game called Home Bargains Challenge ā€“ where each person buys the other a gift based on what they know about them. Beth suggested this to Bronwyn, and each sister was tasked with buying an item that was, for example, the other's favorite color or favorite snack. Sitting in her sister's car outside a shopping center in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the siblings are based, Beth set her camera rolling as they each took turns to reveal their gifts. Hidden as part of Bronwynā€™s last gift, though, was "Something You'll Love,ā€ for which Beth decided to purchase a baby grow for her big announcement. Beth then pulled out the baby grow to give to her sister which read, "See you in April."