Grandma Served 88th Birthday Meal By Grandchild She's Not Seen in 11 Years | Happily TV

A grandchild brought their grandma to happy tears when they disguised themselves as a server and surprised her after 11 years apart. As soon as 86-year-old Pauline clicked it was her grandchild Alyson, 20, setting down the food in front of her, she immediately began to bawl with delight. The moment took place at Pauline's favorite restaurant in Ohio, with Alyson planning the surprise visit and not telling anyone other than their aunt. The 20-year-old hadn’t seen their grandmother in more than a decade, currently living in California, thousands of miles away from Pauline's home. The cost of travel and COVID precautions made a visit tough, Alyson said, as a 2020 visit trip for their graduation was put on hold because of the pandemic. After Pauline's husband passed away in 2021, Alyson decided she would do everything possible to visit their grandmother once more. That moment took place on August 14, with Alyson’s aunt sneaking them into the restaurant, and a waitress and family friend then helping them hide from Pauline. Once the family were seated, Alyson snuck out and grabbed a basket of rolls, which they then placed in front of Pauline. Despite not seeing her grandchild for so long, Pauline didn't miss a beat, immediately recognizing the face looking back at her.