Mom Surprises Daughter By Getting Tattoo Of Her Artwork | Happily TV

A supportive single mom surprised her daughter with an everlasting gift by getting the six-year-old's drawing of a turtle tattooed on her arm. Lauren Luskus, 33, from St. Mary's County, Maryland, shares an incredibly close bond with her daughter, Hayden, and has always encouraged her artistic side. One night Hayden drew a turtle, which gave Lauren the idea to get the artwork tattooed somewhere on her body. Having passed a tattoo parlor on February 2, Lauren made the giant leap, bringing the turtle artwork she had kept in her wallet. As the artist etched the design onto her arm, Lauren recorded different steps of the process, knowing Hayden was in school and could be surprised with the tattoo when she returned home. Having collected Hayden off the bus, Lauren kept her arm covered before guiding her inside. Pulling her sleeve and calling Hayden over, Lauren showed her daughter the artistic gesture. Seeing her drawing on her mom's arm, Hayden immediately started smiling, rubbing the turtle to ensure it was real. Lauren asked, "Does this make you happy?" as her daughter smiled and admired the work.