Doctor Working On Front Lines Surprise Children On Return Home

This is the emotional moment a loving COVID doctor returned home to surprise his kids after nearly four weeks apart. In the wholesome video, Dr Pete Olsen sneaks up on his daughter, Ella, 10, and son, Sam, 7 to reunite with them – and the delight on their faces was clear for all to see. Pete, 40, is an ER doctor and Vice President of medical affairs at a rural hospital in Northern Minnesota and because of the preparations required for the COVID-19 pandemic, he was required to spend every day and many nights at the hospital, coordinating staff. In March, Pete and his wife Angela, 38, made the difficult decision that he should move out of their home in Duluth, Minnesota, to be closer to the community where the hospital is located. Pete and Angela also thought the move would be best to protect Sam, who has Down syndrome, as the couple were not sure how his body might respond to the novel coronavirus. But on April 17, with 48 hours of downtime, Pete decided to return to the family’s home, where, as Angela filmed Ella playing her ukulele, her father snuck up on her. Ella immediately yelled, “Dad!” and ran into her father’s arms. The pair then went to surprise Sam, who bounced up and down on his bed in delight and gave his dad a big hug.